Pallet Pick Up, Delivery, Sorting, and Removal Services

At Gregory's Pallets, we are constantly searching for the opportunity to provide our valuable customers with better pallet services. We pride ourselves on offering full professional services to all our customers and are dedicated to providing complete pallet services.

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Pallet Surplus Purchase Program


Having an excessive pallet inventory poses certain problems for many organizations.

  • Pallets take up valuable space in the warehouse and around the loading docks
  • Pallets can be an eyesore
  • Present injury/liability concerns if not stored properly and safely​

We offer a pallet surplus purchase program and pallet delivery if you have any of these concerns. Gregory's Pallets will pay for each pallet removed from your facility for all qualifying pallets.

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Waste Removal Program

If there are any pallets in poor condition or if the customers don't qualify for the Pallet Program, we offer a Waste Removal Program. We pick up and recycle your waste pallets.

Sorting For Quality

In case there are any issues with our pallets, we pick them up at your premises and bring them back to our facility, where each pallet is checked for signs of potential failure. The approved pallets are returned to your facility while the rejected pallets are repaired or recycled.

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Wood pallet single
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On-Site Delivery and Pick-Up

We also offer on-site delivery and pick-up services, where we will deliver reconditioned pallets that can be unloaded and loaded with unwanted pallets at your convenience. We will pick up the loaded trailer when full.

On-Site Drop-Off Service

Additionally, we offer an on-site trailer drop service where we leave one of our trailers so it can be loaded at your convenience.

When you want a trailer picked up, just contact us, and we will pick up the loaded trailer and replace it with an empty one.

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